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Access control 

In the central part of the passenger terminal, upon completion of  flight registration  with selected airline awaits you access control  .

At this counter you need to show your boarding pass and register your hand baggage. Our staff will  in accordance with the regulations of the selected airline  perform control of the allowed size and  number of hand baggage pieces   (link to the menu baggage - hand luggage). In the case that  weight and / or dimensions of luggage are not in accordance with the selected airline regulations, our staff will direct you to the registration desk where you can register the  baggage as checked.

At this point, in addition to regular passage, which is intended for all passengers, you have a quick passage, which allows you to sign up for the priority passage of the security controls, and is intended for:

  •  first and business class passengers;
  • passenger with a specific treatment accompanied by airport personnel;
  • passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) and
  • passengers with small children.

The access control passage  is open 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of the selected airline aircraft . 

To speed up your next step in passing through security control, you are able at the access control, through the video on the display above the counter, get familiar with the preparation for counter-sabotage control, also on boards by the counter are displayed,  the basic guidelines about prohibited items and hazardous substances that are not permitted to enter the passenger cabin of the aircraft, as well as restrictions on liquids in hand luggage.


The security control

To shorten the retention time during security checks it is necessary to properly prepare for the implementation of counter-diversion control, on one of the two desks. On the preparation site our staff will wait for you  and inform  In short what things you need to take off or remove from the pocket and / or from hand luggage (mobile phone, laptop computer, other electronic devices, wallet, watch, belt, jacket, coat, jacket, keys, or other metal objects, etc.) and place in a dedicated plastic containers.


In hand baggage and / or   on the passenger folowing items are not allowed into aircraft cabin:

  • gun, firearms and other devices that fired missiles;
  • stun devices;
  • objects with a sharp point or sharp edge;
  • Explosives and flammable substances;
  • liquids, gels and aerosols that are not packaged in accordance with the prescribed limits and
  • other prohibited items and hazardous substances defined by current regulations in the field of air traffic safety (for more details link List prohibited objects and dangerous substances).

If you intend to carry items in hand baggage   that are in liquid form, then their individual packaging can not be greater than 100 mL. All items should be packed together in transparent bags with a groove (zip bags), and the maximum volume of all items in a bag may not be larger than 1 liter per passenger. 

List of items that are treated as fluids :

  • Water and other drinks, soups and syrups;
  • perfumes;
  • gels, including hair gels and shower;
  • pastes, including toothpaste;
  • mascaras, sprays, creams, lotions, and oils;
  • all the articles that are in the bottle under pressure, including shaving creams, foams and other deodorant;
  • a mixture of solids and liquids and
  • all other items with similar characteristics.


If security control finds certain items that are prohibited in the passenger cabin of the aircraft, and you would like to take the flight with chosen airline, you have to dispose  the items in  dedicated box next to the desk for counter-sabotage control.

Upon completion of the security control carefully pack up and inspect the plastic containers in which  your items were disposed of.

For more information regarding prohibited items and dangerous goods, contact the selected airline.


Customs controls


After passing the access and security controls , you arrive to two the customs control desks , conducted by the Customs offices staff   at the Podgorica airport  . 

Basic information regarding customs regulations and duties of departing passengers who leave the customs territory of Montenegro, in terms of:

  • the amount of cash;
  • the transfer of cultural goods and
  • VAT refund,

can be found in the brochure Information for travelers (link to open the pdf. document).


Upon completion of passport control and takeover of hand baggage from conveyor belts, before leaving the incoming part of the passenger terminal, you arrive to the red and green custom control channel  . 

If you have goods  to declare with you or in hand or checked baggage  you have to report on the  border  crossing to enter the customs territory of Montenegro, opt for red or otherwise passing through the green channel.

Basic information regarding customs regulations and duties of incoming travelers entering the customs territory of Montenegro, in terms of:

  • food ;
  •  medicines;
  • exemption from customs duty;
  • entry of cash and
  • the transfer of cultural goods,

You can find the Information in brochures  for travelers (link to open the pdf. document) and Guide for entry of goods into the customs territory of Montenegro (link to open the pdf. document).

Customs regulations of Montenegro prohibit the transfer of protected plant and animal species , the entry of weapons and ammunition and  transfer of animals (other than pets).

More information regarding the customs regulations that apply to passengers who are going to or coming from abroad, can be found on the website of the Customs Administration of Montenegro:www.upravacarina.me , under travel information.


Passport control


Passport control for departuring passengers  is located, after  Security desk and customs control counters, and before entering the waiting area for departing flights. 

Passport control at  Podgorica airport is conducted by  the Border Police Station officials at Podgorica airport. 

Before you approach passport control at one of the four open counters, prepare your personal and travel documents, as well as a  boarding coupon for the  selected airline aircraft.

Documents that will be required to travel to the planned destination depend on the way of cooperation of the state, whose own passport and state in which you are traveling. In case you on your journey presijedate from one to the other aircraft in advance that you need and transit visa for airports through which tranizitirate.


After landing at the airport in Podgorica, after disembarking from the aircraft and entering the incoming part of the passenger terminal, in case you are not a passenger in the transfer, experiencing six counters for passport control. 
Before you approach any of the open counters, prepare your travel documents to control.

More information on the issue of travel documents and visa regime for citizens of Montenegro and foreign citizens can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro: www.mvpei.gov.me , under the rubric of Consular Affairs.

Flight: YM201
From: Belgrade
Planed: 09:40 New time: 09:38
Status: Arrived
Flight: JU180
From: Belgrade
Planed: 11:00
Status: -
Flight: SU2050
From: Moscow
Planed: 12:00 New time: 11:40
Status: Earlier
Flight: YM200
Destinacija: Belgrade
Planed: 07:30 New time: 07:33
Status: Departed
Flight: JU181
Destinacija: Belgrade
Planed: 11:30
Status: Processing
Flight: SU2051
Destinacija: Moscow
Planed: 12:50
Status: -
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