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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a plane ticket at the airport?

Yes, you can buy a plane ticket at the ticketing office or directly at the premises of the airline with which you are travelling.

Upon arriving at the airport, where I can be informed?

You will get all flight information at the information desk located in the lobby of the airport building. In addition, you can be informed via monitors placed in visible and accessible places, on the PA system, and the official website of the Airport.

Is there a specific time for the registration of passengers before the flight?

For international flights, it is necessary to arrive at the airport 90 to 120 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the aircraft. Detailed information on the opening and closing of check-in counters and baggage for some flights can be obtained by contacting the airline with which you are flying.

Is there a possibility to park the car for a longer period of time in the parking lot of the airport?

Podgorica Airport provides parking service for a longer period of time. To use this service, prior notification is required by the service user in person at the information desk. Method of payment is cash (€) at the parking slot. 

Tivat Airport does not own a parking lot. There is a public toll parking next to the airport. The arrangements for parking the car for a longer period of time have to be made with the management of the parking lot.

Airports of Montenegro bears no responsibility for loss or damage to the vehicle.

Where can I check-in for a flight if the plane ticket is purchased online?

When a ticket has been purchased online, it is enough to show your travel documents to the staff at the check-in counter.

What is the permissible weight of luggage when travelling?

The most frequent permissible weight of hand baggage is from 5 to 10kg. The weight of checked baggage depends on the class in which you are travelling (usually it is 30kg for business and 20kg for economy class). However, detailed information can be obtained directly at the airline with which you intend to travel.

Is the baggage allowance written on the airplane ticket?

The airplane tickets usually contain the information about the free amount of luggage that is allowed for each part of the trip.

Where can I get information about the price of the airline tickets?

To get this type of information, you should contact the airline with which you intend to travel. Our official website provides contact information of all airlines based at the airport, as well as contacts of their ticketing offices.

How to change or confirm a reservation?
For any changes or confirmation of the reservation, please contact your airline.
I am late for the flight due to unforeseen circumstances. What to do?

The passenger bears sole responsibility for their delay, even if it is the result of unforeseen circumstances (road works, traffic jams, etc). The only solution is to re-purchase airline tickets, contact the airline or agency through which you bought the ticket.

What is the permitted size of the hand baggage?

The maximum allowable size of hand luggage is usually the sum of three dimensions (length, width and height) of the luggage and it must not exceed 120 cm. Check with your airline for detailed information.

Can I bring a musical instrument with me as part of the hand luggage?

It is allowed to carry musical instruments as the second item of the hand luggage, but it will need to be inspected. It is important to note that, if the instrument is of non-standard dimensions, its transportation is charged at special rates. We advise you to contact the airline you are traveling with when booking your ticket.

Are there any specific rules in case a pet is travelling with me?

Transport of animals is permitted unless prohibited by the country to which pets are transported, and if the carrier rules allow it. You need to notify your airline about it when booking your ticket since the weight of the animal and the rules of the airline determine if pets will be accommodated in the passenger compartment or in the trunk of the plane.

How many pieces of luggage are allowed to be handed in at the check-in?

Some airlines allow only one luggage per passenger, while others are limited to the total luggage weight, meaning not by number. You can contact the airline you are travelling with for detailed information.

What if the weight of checked baggage exceeds the permitted weight?

Most airlines will allow baggage overweight, but with an additional charge for Excess Baggage. In this case, the customer is required to pay the excess baggage. Payment for baggage that exceeds the free baggage allowance can be made directly at the office of the airline with which you are travelling, which are located in the airport building.

Are there certain rules for the transport of sports equipment (in particular winter gear, skies)?

Sports equipment needs to be adequately packaged. Transportation of sporting equipment depends a lot on the rules of the airline and the type of the aircraft. If the airline’s regulations require charge, then the special fees for the transportation are applied. It’s best to check these details with your airline before buying a ticket.

In case I lose some of my personal belongings while staying at the airport, who should I contact?

You need to contact the Lost & Found Office staff.

How to get a WiFi connection at the airport?

The use of Wi-Fi is free of charge at Podgorica and Tivat airports.

Can I bring a laptop into the cabin of an airplane?

Of course. Laptops must be taken out of hand luggage and inspected separately. A laptop bag will be considered as an item that you are allowed to bring into the cabin.

Does the Airport provide services for people with special needs?

Yes. However, when purchasing the ticket, it is necessary to inform the airline of the type of assistance you need in order to be provided with this service adequately. Contact the airline you intend to travel with for detailed information.

Can minors travel independently and under what conditions?

Minors will be accepted on a flight if they hold a valid travel document and a valid parental permission certified by a public notary. However, the airline, not the Airport, determines the rules of travel. It is recommended that you contact the airline the minor is travelling with directly.

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