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Environmental Management Policy

ISO 14001:2004

Environmental Management Policy of Airports of Montenegro

The environmental management system of the Airports of Montenegro JSC covers all the airport units, business processes and activities. It is based on principles of sustainable development and requirements in the globally recognised quality standard – ISO 14001:2004. 

The company activities and procedures pertaining to environmental protection are constantly being harmonized with the requirements of ISO14001:2004. Their conformity with the standard represents the minimum quality level set for the environmental management system of Airports of Montenegro.

By ensuring the conformity of company activities with the requirements contained in international standards, as well as legal requirements set by the state of Montenegro, Airports of Montenegro aim to mitigate negative effects of their activities on the environment and advance environmental quality. The company tries to develop an awareness about the importance of environmental protection and preemptive action among all stakeholders, by stimulating business development, implementing modern business management processes and technologies whose purpose is the mitigation of negative environmental effects, increasing the utilisation of energy and raw materials, and waste management. Accordingly, Airports of Montenegro are continuously following the experiences of major world airports and investing in education and training, especially when it comes to company management.

The Environmental Management Policy represents the framework for evaluating the general and individual managerial goals of environmental protection management. The Policy is being implemented by operationalising said goals on all managerial levels and by all internal stakeholders. The Policy is also an integral part of the management quality system of the company and it affects all employees.

Environmental management system efficiency is being periodically tested and evaluated by the company’s top-level management. Any contribution to the successful implementation of the Environmental Management Policy is considered an improvement of the integrated management quality system of Airports of Montenegro JSC. Environmental Management Policy is publicly disclosed.

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