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Conditions for entering Montenegro

Prerequisites for entry

The conditions necessary for a foreigner to meet when entering Montenegro, and which are regulated by the Law on Border Control.

Detailed border check

A detailed border check when entering Montenegro covers checking the following:

  1. Conditions for foreigners to enter, prescribed by a special law;
  2. Travel documents for the purpose of determining the signs of falsification;
  3. Entry and exit stamps in travel documents for the purpose of exceeding the duration of the approved stay;
  4. Place of departure and place of intended stay and, when needed appropriate accompanying documents;
  5. The money necessary for the duration and purpose of intended stay, for the return into the country of origin or transit into a third-country where he/she has a guaranteed reception or that he/she can legally acquire such funds;
  6. That a person, his/her means of transport, and things he/she carries shall not jeopardize the security of state border, public order and public health.

The check from paragraph 1 of this Article includes the direct check of data and warnings to persons and things from appropriate records, as well as the actions needed to be undertaken based on those warnings.


A foreigner shall not be allowed to enter Montenegro, if:

  1. He/she uses someone else’s, not valid i.e. false travel or other documents;
  2. He/she does not fulfil conditions from Article 11 of this law;
  3. It is required by reasons of national security, public order or public health;
  4. He/she is in transit through the territory of Montenegro and does not fulfil the conditions to enter a third state;
  5. The protective measure of removal is in force, the security measure of deporting a foreigner from the country, protective measure of deporting a foreigner from the territory of Montenegro or if his/her stay was cancelled;
  6. He/she doesn’t have funds for his/her stay in Montenegro and to return to the country he/she came from, or for the travel to a third country.

The prohibition of entry from paragraph 1 of this Article shall be told to the foreigner verbally by the administration body competent for police operations (police).

The police keeps the records about the foreigner’s prohibition of entry.

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