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History   of   Airport   Tivat

  • Arranging Tivat Airport

    Airport Tivat was built after the Second World War by levelling the grassy flying paths intended for military and civilian parachutists’ training, as well as for parachuting competitions. After the airport located in a location with favorable climatic and meteorological conditions was arranged, it could hold, apart from sport aircraft, the transport two-engine Douglas C-47, which could land and take-off from provisional airports. Since the civilian variant of that aircraft, the DC-3, had been used in domestic traffic, the terrain was also furnished and equipped for handling (landing and take-off) of passenger aircraft with the features of the category “Douglas” belonged to. The grass path, 1.300m long and 60m wide, was cleaned and adapted.

  • The Federal Aviation Center

    From 1956 to 1962, Federal Aviation Center existed and operated in Tivat. At that time, the airfield was sold for the construction of Tivat Airport, and facilities in Donja Lastva had been ceded to the Aviation Association of Montenegro.

  • The opening of the Airport

    By the spring of 1957, the airport obtained a grass runway measuring 1200m x 80m, an asphalt apron of the measuring 30m x 30m, a small terminal building with the restaurant and terrace, a small control tower, and an assembly room for customs control of passengers and baggage.

    Tivat Airport was officially opened on 1st May 1957. The flights Beograd-Tivat-Beograd followed on 15th June 1957. Mainly passenger traffic carried by aircraft DC 3 and IL 14 with Belgrade, Zagreb and Skoplje was operated in the period before 1968.

  • The Parachuting Competitions

    The parachuting competition, established by Federal Board of VSJ 1957, was held every odd year.

    Three competitions were held in Tivat:

    • Adriatic Parachuting Cup 1957 – Parachuting Championship in Classic Disciplines for men and women, and Youth Championship of the Federal Peoples Republic of Yugoslavia;
    • Adriatic Parachuting Cup 1959 – Parachuting Championship in Classic Disciplines for men and women. The State and Republic Modeling Cups were held the same year;
    • Adriatic Parachuting Cup 1982.

    These events had a prestigious international significance.

  • A new control tower, asphalt runway and passenger building

    From 1968 to 1971, a modern airport was built on this location with the new asphalt runway 2500m long and  45m wide, the apron 450m x 70m, two connectors 20m wide, a passenger building, a new control tower, and auxiliary service areas.

    The reconstructed and modernized Tivat Airport was officially opened on 25th of September 1971. There was a big ceremony was held on that occasion. It was attended by citizens of Tivat, Kotor Bay and other towns, as well as representatives of social and political organizations of Montenegro, foreign and domestic airlines, Federal Administration for Civil Aviation, journalists and other guests.  

    Decorated with various flags, the airport looked impressive. Many girls in folk costume from Boka and a group of people dressed old Boka Navy uniforms greeted Yugoslav Airlines DC-9 aircraft, named by the wife of the President of Tivat Municipality Assembly. The speakers of this great ceremony were: Blažo Jovanović, President of the Constitutional Court of Yugoslavia, who had the honour to open the airport by cutting the ribbon; Mato Krstović, President of Tivat Municipality Assembly; Vidomir Krunić,  Director of JAT; Milorad Šljivar, acting Director of the Federal Administration for Civil Aviation; and Vlada Matijević, Director of Tivat Airport.

  • Recovery after the earthquake and modernization

    Tivat Airport has had a climb in its development until the catastrophic earthquake in 1979 when it was necessary to repair and modernize the Airport. In addition to the existing terminal building, with the area of 680m² , another pavilion needed to be built for the needs of international traffic, the runway needed to be covered with new asphalt surface, and the apron needed to be increased. Handling of wide-body aircraft was made possible by adding three parking positions, from 70m to 91,5m, and expanding connector “A“ from 20m to 25m. The Airport reached its maximum in 1987 in the former SFRY.

    The Seminars of Acrobatic Flying for future flight teachers were organized in Tivat yearly, usually in December, from 1970 to 1979.

  • Air Show


    In 2002, a great Air Show was organized.

  • Accelerated modernization

    On 23rd of April 2003, the ownership of Tivat Airport was transferred from  JAT to the Public Institution “Airports of Montenegro“. Since then, the Airport started the first phase of its accelerated modernization, which was finalized by reconstructing and expanding terminal building to 4057m². This was followed by finalization and equipping for airport use in night conditions.

    Tivat Airport is characteristic due to the fact that more than 80% of the traffic is performed during summer tourist season, with a very distinctive peak loads (for example on 12th of July 2006, the airport handled 9138 passengers).

    The apron of the airport has 7 parking positions and can handle 6 aircraft of group “C“ and one aircraft of group “D“, or  4 aircraft of group “C“ and 2 aircraft of group “D“. The characteristic aircraft from group “D“ that land at Tivat Airport are of type DC 10, IL86 and Boeing 767. Today, the Airport handles the most modern Boeing and Airbus aircraft. It has obtained the trust for quality and professional work from more than 30 airlines, among which are some of the world’s known names, such as  SAS, LTU, AirBerlin, and other, by which Tivat Airport is connected with 15 destinations in Europe – London, Moscow, Paris, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Prague and others.

  • The opening of Terminal 2 at Tivat Airport

    In December 2018, the newly constructed Terminal 2 of Tivat Airport was opened, intended for outgoing passengers. The new terminal spans over 3.000m² and includes a state-of-the-art luggage room, 6 check-in counters, 2 KD control lanes, airline offices, Police and Customs Directorates, toilets, and outgoing gates.

    By opening Terminal 2, Tivat Airport will be able to serve twice as many passengers as before!

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