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Airport Services

Aircraft Handling

  • Harmonizing flight schedules with the air operator;
  • Taking care of aircraft on the ground upon arrival and before departure at a manoeuvring area (this service provides terminal control services at the airport in Podgorica);
  • Guiding the aircraft to a parking position, parking assistance and engine start (hand signals), and the fitting and removal of shims under the wheels of the aircraft;
  • Marking aircraft safety area with cones and/or ribbons during servicing;
  • Communication with the crew of the aircraft;
  • Flight documents delivery;
  • Making lists of aircraft load and balance through the HP DCS;
  • Loading and unloading aircraft, including the provision and operation of the equipment for loading and unloading of bulk cargo and containers;
  • Securing and handling stairs for embarking and disembarking of passengers;
  • Transporting passengers and crew (in bad weather) between the aircraft and the Terminal;
  • Providing and operating equipment for starting the aircraft engine;
  • Reloading food and drinks from the lid into the cabin of the aircraft;
  • Emptying, flushing toilets and complement technical water;
  • Cleaning passenger and cockpit cabin;
  • Sending operational messages on take-off, landing and load of the aircraft.

Passengers Handling

The handling of passengers, provided by Tivat Airport, includes:


  • checking travel documents;
  • registration of passengers and their hand luggage through HP DCS;
  • provision of equipment and transportation of luggage to the sorter;
  • informing passengers about flight schedules, time for security check, passport and customs controls, and boarding time;
  • assisting transfer passengers;
  • assisting passengers with disabilities, unaccompanied children, passengers on stretchers and VIPs;
  • sending operational messages about flight passengers and special requests.

Baggage Handling

Baggage handling service provided by Tivat Airport includes:

  • accepting baggage at the sorting room;
  • sorting baggage;
  • determining the weight of the luggage on the cart;
  • providing and handling baggage transport equipment;
  • luggage transport from the sorting room to the aircraft, and from the aircraft to the baggage claim area;
  • searching for misplaced baggage through the World Tracer system;
  • reporting on lost and damaged baggage;
  • informing passengers about the arrival of the found luggage;
  • loading baggage;
  • sending operational messages with luggage information.

Handling cargo and mail

The handling of cargo and mail, which provides Tivat Airport includes:

  • providing and handling cargo and mail transport equipment;
  • transportation of cargo and mail from the aircraft to the cargo-customs warehouse and vice versa;
  • manipulation of export, import and transfer cargo and mail in the cargo-customs warehouse;
  • acceptance of cargo and mail for transportation;
  • making checklists for acceptance of hazardous substances on the flight;
  • making cargo manifest;
  • informing recipients of the arrival of the goods;
  • sending operational messages with cargo and mail information.

The security control

Service security control by the Tivat airport includes:

  • control of passengers and hand luggage;
  • separate control and unobserved luggage;
  • control of cargo and mail;
  • pairing travellers with the travel document and a coupon for boarding the aircraft;
  • pairing of passengers and checked baggage.

Aircraft fuel supply

The fuel supply service provided by the company Jugopetrol AD ​​Kotor to the Tivat Airport, based on the concession, includes:

  • Communication with the crew of the aircraft;
  • provision of equipment for the storage of fuels, including quality control;
  • security, handling equipment, supplying and charging aircraft fuel;
  • preparation and implementation of the charging process of aircraft fuel, including control of fuel delivery.

Fuel types: AVGAS 100LL and Jet A1.

Supplying aircraft with food and beverages

Aircraft food and beverage supply service provided by the authorized supplier at the Tivat Airport, based on the concession, includes:

  • communication with the lieutenant and the crew of the aircraft;
  • storage of food and beverages, while ensuring the necessary temperature regime;
  • providing and handling food preparation and delivery equipment;
  • preparing food according to the custom orders;
  • food supply;
  • delivering food and beverages to the aircraft;
  • loading and unloading food and beverages to/from the aircraft;
  • picking up, washing and delivering clean dishes to the aircraft.

Note: The provision of the aforementioned aircraft food and beverage supply services by any other unauthorized supplier or person (including crew and passengers) is not permitted and will be strictly sanctioned.

For more information on all of these services or additional services upon request, we are at your disposal.

Price list of airport services of Airports of Montenegro

Detailed information on prices of services for private and business users at Podgorica and Tivat Airports can be found in the official price list.

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