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Allowed Baggage

Transport of pets and other animals

Pets and animals can be accepted for flight only if they fulfil special conditions: 

  • Cats, smaller dogs and certain tiny animals you can take with you as hand luggage provided that together with the cage their weight doesn’t exceed 8kg. 
  • Bigger animals are accepted for flights as hold baggage with special treatment when handling and loading. For more information about the conditions and limitations you can contact your airline.

Hand Luggage

  • The general rule is that the airlines allow only hand luggage of the dimensions 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (according to IATA standard), of a weight maximum 8kg. However, these limitations may vary depending on the airline, class of transport, route, tariff etc.
  • Hand luggage must be checked in at the check-in counter for passengers and baggage. 
  • Your hand luggage must comply with the stated rules.
  • The hand luggage must be disposed in the baggage departments or below the seat of the passenger cabin of the aircraft, which leads to limitations in dimensions, weight and quantity of hand luggage. This procedure is most commonly used for baby strollers, props or chairs; wheelchairs and accessories and all other hand luggage when it comes to smaller aircraft with no space in the cabin.

It is the passenger’s responsibility to never leave their hand luggage and other property unsupervised.

Hold Luggage

The allowed quantity of hold baggage which the passengers can check-in without additional charge, depends on the airline. Depending on the class of transport, route, tariff etc, the airline can define the free-of-charge allowed quantity of hold baggage, by using:

  • weight concept – air ticket defines the quantity of baggage in kilos, notwithstanding the number of pieces. For example, the passenger in economy class of carriage may check-in 20kg, while the passenger who travels business class has the right of 30kg.
  • piece concept – air ticket defines the number of pieces of baggage, with some additional limitations. For example, the passenger in economy class of transport can check-in only one piece of baggage up to 23kg, the total dimensions of which (length+width+height) do not exceed 158cm.

It is compulsory to report any weapons and ammunition in your luggage when checking in for a flight.

When buying the ticket, ask for information about the stated rules and to prepare your baggage in accordance with the security limitations before going to the airport. 

When you check-in, you will obtain the baggage slip for each passenger baggage which you are committed to keep until the end of your journey. 

One checked-in passenger baggage can have a maximum weight of 32kg. If your checked baggage is not within the limitations (weight, number of pieces, dimensions), the airline has the right to charge excess baggage.

Useful information:

  • put the mark on your baggage with clearly written name and address  (signs available at the check-in counter);
  • valuables, electronic devices, important document and medicine you should carry only in your hand luggage;
  • remove all the marks and stickers from earlier travels (they can cause mistakes upon automatic reading);
  • secure your baggage with the existing locks and padlocks, and if needed please use tapes for baggage tightening;
  • roll the valuable baggage in cellophane in order to protect them from wear and tear.

Special Baggage

  • At the counter for baggage registration, you can also check-in baggage which, because of its dimensions, form and other characteristics, requires additional attention during handling and transport. 
  • The oversized baggage, animals, wheelchair and aids, music instruments, bikes, equipment for skiing, diving, golf etc. may be subject to additional limitations. For more details you can contact your travel agency or your airline.
  • Due to its characteristics, this type of luggage cannot be carried with a luggage strap but is treated in a special way.
  • Do not leave your luggage unattended as it will then be treated as suspicious and subject to special security measures.
  • Tivat Airport cannot be held responsible for the loss of such abandoned luggage.
  • Animals must be caged in order to be accepted for the flight as checked baggage.
  • You are required to check this type of luggage not later than 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the aircraft (following the procedure described above).
  • You are required to report weapons and ammunition in your checked baggage when you board the flight.

Lost and Found

In case of missing, damage and/or looting of luggage, or loss of personal belongings, you can contact the Lost / Found counter. Tivat Airport also provides assistance in making minutes and informing passengers of the rules of the airlines in case of damaged or stolen luggage. The opening hours of the service are from 7 o’clock until the landing of the last scheduled aircraft on arrival. More information can be found on the Lost/Found page.

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