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Facilities and Services

Info desk

The info desk is located to the right-hand side of the terminal entrance. The friendly staff will, upon request, provide you with the right landing and departure times for your flight and provide assistance with details regarding your travel. The info desk is also a place of contact if you, as a passenger with reduced mobility or special needs, need necessary assistance from our trained staff.

Contact phone for all necessary information is +382 (0) 32 671 337.

Map of the Passenger Terminal

Shops and bars

The opening hours are in accordance with departures from Tivat Airport.

Duty Free Shop
(Regal Impex GH)

Want to celebrate your loved ones? The Duty-Free Shop offers products of recognized international brands and local products of proven quality at affordable prices.

Tabacco Shop

You’ll find here all the little things you need before the trip! The Tabacco Shop is located in the north end of the central hall of the passenger terminal, near the passenger registration desk.

Caffe Negro

While you’re waiting for your flight or the arrival of your family member, dear person, friend or business partner, you can rest and help yourselves at the bar at your disposal at Tivat Airport.

Lost and Found

In case of mishandled, damaged and/or stolen baggage, or loss of personal belongings, you can contact us at the Lost and Found counter.

It is necessary to submit the slips of mishandled baggage and the air ticket containing the routing information to the officer at the counter. In order to make the search faster and more efficient, it is necessary that you also know the basic characteristics of the baggage, such as type, manufacturer and colour.


In case your airline does not provide the delivery of baggage to a temporary or permanent address, you have to come personally to Airport Tivat to take over the baggage yourself.

If your airline provides luggage delivery, your luggage may be delivered to a temporary or permanent address in the territory of Montenegro, with customs formalities regulated on your behalf.

To take over the baggage it is necessary that you take over your passport (or personal identity card – only for citizens of Serbia) and pay the necessary fees if the customs regulations require that. The delivered baggage can be taken over by a family member as well, if he/she submits together with your documents also his/her personal documents and the key if the baggage has been locked. 


Depending on the airline, you can also choose the way of getting a notification about taking over the baggage upon its arrival (telephone call or SMS).

Working hours: from 7 o’clock until the arrival of the last planned aircraft.

Contact Lost/Found


As a form of our additional concern, passengers at Tivat Airport also have an outpatient medical service, which is
operated by an on duty doctor and a medical technician.

The outpatient clinic provides care services for the reception and dispatch of sick passengers as well as emergency medical assistance.

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