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Flight schedule and seasonal flights

Check the flight schedule for the selected date and see the seasonal flight schedule for the current season.

Flight schedule for the day

Select a date to view:

CompanyFlight NumberDepartureTime
CompanyFlight NumberDestinationTime

All shown times are local times of departure from and arrival at Tivat Airport. Flight schedule data are automatically generated from announced flights for the current season and are only informative. The airline reserves the right to change the flight schedule, for which the Airport cannot be held responsible. We ask passengers to always contact the offices of the selected airline or travel agency to confirm the flight plan.

Seasonal flight table

You can find all information about the destinations that Tivat Airport is connected to. Select the desired destination from the drop-down menu and you will get information on the airline operating on the selected route, as well as flight times.

If you want to travel to another destination, for which there is currently no direct flight, you can connect via one of the available destinations to your final destination.

Please note that the given schedule is subject to change.

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