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Travel Information

Arrival time at the airport

In order to comply with the flight registration formalities and to complete all controls prior to arriving at the appropriate gate for the flight, it is essential that you arrive on time. The airport cannot be held responsible if you are unable to board your flight due to late arrival.

Airport check-in counters open 120 minutes, and close 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the aircraft.

The closing time of the counter may also be more restrictive depending on the airline, class, seat overload on the flight and similar.

It is necessary to be at the airport no later than 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of the aircraft.

Check-in Process

Required Documents

Plane ticket

Before buying a ticket, check the visa regime of the country you are travelling to.

Passport and Identity Card

Check your passport or Identity Card validity date and visa validity.

Additional documents

Applies to unaccompanied minors or single parents travelling with children.

When planning your trip, ask if you need transit visas for the countries where you will be in transit. 

More information about required documents and visa regime can be found at:

Transit Passengers

We offer the possibility of check-in without leaving the customs zone of the airport for passengers who, upon their landing, continue their travel with another flight. This is especially important for passengers who are not checked-in for all flights till the final destination, as well as passengers who do not have the right to enter the territory of Montenegro.

In order to use this option, it is necessary to contact the transfer counter located on the right-hand side, upon entering the arrival room, and before the passport control counter.

You can finish the check-in process for your next flight at the counter for passengers in transit, in the Arrivals Hall. You have the obligation to check-in the baggage, which you have checked-in on some of the previous airports, by submitting the baggage slip so that it would be automatically loaded on your flight.

Unaccompanied Minor

Parents/guardians, whose child aged between 5 and 12 is traveling alone, have the following obligations:

  • To provide all the necessary travel documents for the child — passport, visa, air-ticket, authenticated consent for travel;
  • To fill in and sign the special form regarding conditions of carriage of unaccompanied minors;
  • To mandatorily provide data about the person (name, address, telephone) who awaits the child, as well as ensure that such person is at the airport at the time predicted for aircraft arrival;
  • To remain at the airport until the aircraft departs, in case of delay or flight cancellation;
  • To ensure that there are no goods which are subject to customs within child’s baggage, nor articles which are not for child use.

On departure, our staff will take over the child from the parent/guardian, assist them with check-in and check-in luggage, escort the child through all controls, be with him/her until boarding, and escort the child to the passenger cabin and hand over the child for further care of the personnel of the aircraft of the selected company.

Upon landing, our staff will pick up the child from the aircraft crew, escort the child through controls, assist him/her in taking the luggage, take care of the child until the arrival of the waiting person, identify the waiting person on the basis of supporting documents, and hand over the child to him/her.

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