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2003 - Accelerated modernization

On 23rd of April 2003, the ownership of Tivat Airport was transferred from  JAT to the Public Institution “Airports of Montenegro“. Since then, the Airport started the first phase of its accelerated modernization, which was finalized by reconstructing and expanding terminal building to 4057m². This was followed by finalization and equipping for airport use in night conditions.

Tivat Airport is characteristic due to the fact that more than 80% of the traffic is performed during summer tourist season, with a very distinctive peak loads (for example on 12th of July 2006, the airport handled 9138 passengers).

The apron of the airport has 7 parking positions and can handle 6 aircraft of group “C“ and one aircraft of group “D“, or  4 aircraft of group “C“ and 2 aircraft of group “D“. The characteristic aircraft from group “D“ that land at Tivat Airport are of type DC 10, IL86 and Boeing 767. Today, the Airport handles the most modern Boeing and Airbus aircraft. It has obtained the trust for quality and professional work from more than 30 airlines, among which are some of the world’s known names, such as  SAS, LTU, AirBerlin, and other, by which Tivat Airport is connected with 15 destinations in Europe – London, Moscow, Paris, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Prague and others.

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