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May 1928. - Line tracing

In 1928, when the air traffic started in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, a passenger aircraft landed on Montenegrin soil.

An experienced team went on the study circular flight Belgrade-Skoplje-Podgorica-Mostar-Sarajevo-Belgrade, the purpose of which was “tracing” the intended net of traffic lines, with a biplane Potez 29-2, registration mark X-SEFG, of the local Company for air transport.

The biplane was operated by engineer Tadija Sondermajer, director, and  Vladimir Striževski, Company’s Head of Pilots, and apart from the mechanic Pavle Ćuk, the passengers were the reporter of “Politika“, journalist Nikolić, and the film cameraman Njemec. For the purpose of storing equipment, supplies of food, water, clothes, blankets and other items, some of the seats in passenger cabin were dismantled.

The aircraft departed from Belgrade on 26th of May 1928 to the first stage, flight to Skopje. After staying in Skoplje for two days, where the aircraft has been named “Skoplje“, it continued the  “tracing“ of the airlines towards Podgorica.

With a magnificent and hearty welcome, the aircraft landed on 29th May on the old airfield near Vrela Ribnička (Ćemovsko Polje).


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