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Safety Policy

Safety is considered of utmost importance for all airport activities. Airports of Montenegro are committed to the implementing, developing and continuously improving its safety management system strategy. Additionally, Airports of Montenegro are committed to managing the business processes to ensure that all activities, whether directly related to aviation or not, comply with national safety standards and ensure high level of safety.

The management of Airports of Montenegro
is engaged and committed to:

Safety Management System

Establishing the institution for aviation safety which supervises the development of the Safety Management System and ensures the alignment of activities pertaining to the System.

Safety Culture 

The „safety culture“ has been developed and incorporated into all our activities. It recognizes the importance and value of efficient safety management and puts safety first.

Safety Responsibility

The responsibility of staff, in regards to the development of the Safety Management Strategy and safety performance, has been clearly defined. The Airports make sure to provide necessary information and training to staff in order to endure their competence; each person is assigned tasks corresponding to their skill level.

Risk Management

The risk related to aviation operations has been reduced to a level that is realistically manageable and that sets an estimated safety efficiency for realistic tasks and/or objectives.


All Airports of Montenegro employees and visitors must fulfil appropriate safety standards.

Resource Allocation

A sufficient number of trained and qualified staff has been ensured for the implementation of „safety policy“  and a continuous improvement of safety performance.

The principles of safety management
at Airports of Montenegro

  • A high-quality safety system on operational surfaces is the key to success at the airport.
  • The „safety first“ principle is applied in everyday activities. All the decisions which relate to safety are made on a personal basis bearing in mind all the exogenous business factors.
  • The Directors of Podgorica Airport and Tivat Airport have the highest responsibility when it comes to safety management.
  • The safety management implementation is the executive function of every line of work.
  • The Safety Responsible Officer assists and supervises the lines of work for operational planning and implementation according to the specifications of the Safety Management System. They will also be responsible for the future development of the System.
  • Airport partners are kept informed in such a way that makes it possible for them to understand and perform their safety responsibilities in daily activities.
  • An open and transparent “safety culture” is promoted, so that it is learnt from the events which occurred or that have been accidentally avoided.
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