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Safety Policy

Safety is a fundamental principle of all activities of Airports of Montenegro JSC. We are committed to implementing, developing and continuous improving of work processes to ensure that all our service activities uphold the highest level of safety performance and meet national and international standards.

All levels of management and all employees are accountable for achieving the highest possible level of safety performance, starting with the Chief Executive Officer of Airports of Montenegro JSC.

Key safety objective of the Airport Operator is to minimize the risk of occurrence of an aircraft accident at or near airport to a point that is as low as reasonably practicable. Therefore, safety is afforded the highest priority over commercial, social and other pressures. To attain the key safety objective, Airports of Montenegro affirms its commitment to implementation of a formalized and proactive approach to system safety with a view to all activities and supporting services under the control of the Airport Operator. Airport Operator commits to comply with all legislative and regulatory requirements arising from the safety management as laid down by Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro.

To this end, Airports of Montenegro JSC commits to:

  • Ensure that sufficient human and material resources are available for an effective organization and implementation of the Safety Management System;
  • Clearly define for all officers, management and employees their accountabilities and responsibilities for achieving the highest level of safety performance, as well as the types of acceptable and/or unacceptable behavior;
  • Promote a just culture reporting environment and ensure that no action is taken against any employee who discloses a safety concern through the hazard reporting system, except where such a disclosure indicates, beyond any reasonable doubt, an illegal act, gross negligence, a deliberate or willful disregard of regulations or procedures, i.e. unacceptable behavior;
  • Establish and improve hazard identification system and risk management system, including the hazard reporting system, to eliminate or reduce safety risks arising from work processes to the lowest tolerable level;
  • Ensure that all staff are provided with adequate and appropriate aviation safety information and training, and are only allocated tasks commensurate with their skills;
  • Validate effectiveness of the Safety Management System based on the internal safety indicators, national indicators and safety objectives;
  • Ensure that externally supplied systems and meet appropriate safety standards of Airport
    Operator; and
  • Collaborate with relevant aviation stakeholders to address safety matters and to ensure continuous improvement of aviation safety.
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