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Airport Controls

Access Control

In the central part of the Passenger Terminal, after the performed check-in for the flight of the chosen airline, there is the access control.

At this desk, you must show your boarding pass and report your hand baggage. Our staff will perform the control of allowed dimensions and allowed number of hand baggage in accordance with the regulations of the chosen airline. In case the weight and/or the dimensions of the baggage are not in compliance with the standard of the chosen airline, our staff will show you the way to the check-in counter, where you can register the said baggage as hold baggage.

The passage at the access control is open 2 hours before the planned flight departure time of the chosen airline. Of course, the time varies depending on the airline’s policies.

In order to pass through the security control faster, you can prepare all the necessary documents for the security control by looking at the video recording on the display above the desk. Also, on the billboards next to the desk, the basic guidelines are given regarding forbidden objects and dangerous goods which are not allowed to be carried in the aircraft passenger cabin, as well as limitations regarding liquids in the hand baggage.

Fast – Track

The fast track allows you to check-in for the priority passage with reference to security control performance, and is intended for:

  • passengers of first and business class;
  • passengers with certain treatment accompanied by the airport staff;
  • passengers with reduced mobility (PRM);
  • passengers with small children.

Security control

To shorten your time of attendance during security control, it is necessary that you prepare yourself properly for the security control which shall be performed on some of the two opened checkpoints. At the position of preparation, our staff will meet you and acquaint you with the things you should take off or take out of your pockets and/or hand baggage (mobile phone, laptop, other electronic devices, wallet, watch, belt, jacket, coat, suit, keys, other metal objects etc.) and put them in the specific purpose containers.


Helpful tips for a smooth security screening experience



One Stop Security

One Stop Security is EU’s regulatory framework that recognizes Montenegro as one of the few countries whose security standards are equivalent to EU standards. Recognition permits One Stop Security passengers, baggage and/or cargo arriving into the EU to not need to be subjected again to security controls when transferring at EU airports. You can find more about One Stop Security here.

Prohibited objects and liquids

If during security control it is confirmed that you possess certain articles which are prohibited from being carried in the aircraft passenger cabin, and you wish to board the flight of a chosen airline, you have to put them away in the specific purpose containers near the checkpoint for security control. 

Upon finalizing the security control, please pack yourself carefully and check the plastic containers where your things were deposited. 

For more information regarding forbidden objects and dangerous goods, please contact the chosen airline.

  • A gun, firearm and other gadgets with fire projectiles;
  • stunt devices;
  • objects with sharp points or sharp edges;
  • explosive and inflammable substances;
  • liquids, gels and aerosols which are not packed in accordance with the prescribed limitations;
  • other forbidden objects and dangerous goods defined by the valid regulations in the field of air traffic security.

If you intend to carry with you or in your hand baggage any articles which are in liquid form, then their individual maximum volume can be no more than 100 ml. All the articles should be packed together in transparent bags with a zip, and the maximum volume of all the articles in the bag can be maximum 2l per passenger.

Liquids are defined as follows:

  • water and other types of drinks, soups, syrups;
  • perfumes;
  • gels, including hair and shower gels;
  • pastes, including toothpaste;
  • mascaras, sprays, creams, lotions and oils;
  • all the articles which are in a bottle under pressure, including shaving creams, other foams and deodorants;
  • a mixture of solid and liquid substances;
  • all other articles of similar characteristics.

Customs Control

Upon the performed passport control and taking over the hold baggage from the conveyer belt, and before leaving the arrival area of the Terminal, you enter the red and green channel for customs control.

In case you have with you goods that must be declared at the borderline for the entry into the customs area of Montenegro, you need to go through the red, or, if contrary, through the green channel.

Pursuant to customs regulations of Montenegro, it is prohibited to carry protected plant and animal species, firearms and ammunition and to carry animals (except pets) across the border.

You can find basic information concerning customs regulations and obligations of incoming passengers entering the customs territory of Montenegro, regarding food intake, medication entry, customs clearance, cash entry and transfer of cultural goods in the Guide for the entry of goods into the customs territory of Montenegro.

For more information regarding customs regulations referring to passengers departing or arriving from abroad, you can find on the Internet page of Customs Administration of Montenegro:

Passport control

When departing

The passport control at Airport Podgorica is performed by the officers of the Border Police Station at Airport Podgorica.

Before approaching passport control, at some of the four open counters, you should prepare your personal and travel documents, as well as the boarding pass for the aircraft of the chosen airline.

Documents you will need to travel to your intended destination depends on the visa regime of the country you are travelling to. In case you transit from one aircraft to the other on your travel, please check if you need transit visas for the airports where you have transit stops.

Upon arrival

Upon landing at the airport, and after disembarking from the aircraft and entering the arrival hall of the Terminal, if you are not a passenger in transfer, you shall come to six counters for passport control.

Before you approach some of the open counters, please prepare your travel documents for passport control.

The basic conditions for the entry of foreigners in Montenegro you can find here.

More information regarding the travel documents and visa regime for citizens of Montenegro and foreign citizens you can find on the Internet page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integrations of Montenegro:

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